Вариант методики CSH для англоязычных респондентов

Cultures seem different if their norms are different from those we know. It’s tempting to conclude that different means «wrong», simply because unfamiliar patterns of behavior can make us feel uncomfortable. To transcend our differences and get along with other cultures better, we mast find ways to overcome such discomfort.

PLEASE, would you like to volunteer 3 or more examples of your own experiences of CULTURE SHOCK, occasions (in Russia), when you were surprised or embarrassed to discover that people «don’t do that here» or do things differently in a new setting.

All possible topics are:

  • ? food and dress preferences;
  • ? gesture signifiers;
  • ? manners;
  • ? personal space;
  • ? expressions distance; о most types of mind;

a problem solving styles; a funny life events or confuses;

? basic life things, and on;

Answer Sheet

Your name_date_


Countries you visited before_

Topic 1. (Title)_

Topic 2. (Title)_

Topic 3. (Title)_

(use extra sheets of paper if you need)

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